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Sunday, 22 January 2012 12:00

Grand Rapids 25k - A Lesson in Late Race Running Form

Other than not knowing a 25k is actually just shy of 15.6 miles (I mistakenly thought it was 15.3 miles and Kristin thought it was 15.0 miles), the Grand Rapids 25k was a lot of fun and a highly recommended race.

Instead of recounting the race, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on proper running form. The picture below is a perfect example of good versus bad running form.  15 miles into any race (especially when you think the finish line should be in sight) your body begins to tire and your form begins to suffer and break down. Take a look at the woman in purple and you see a massive heal-strike, wildly flailing arms and a pained look on her face.  Take a look at the woman in red and you see a calm, collected and experienced runner with a perfect mid-foot strike (her feet are actually both off the ground in the photo), arms tucked and a focused look on her face.  I may be biased as I am married to the runner in red, but I am pretty confident I know which runner was hitting the roads the next day and which was at home with an ice-pack on both knees…

Grand Rapids - Form

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+1 #1 Steve 2012-05-23 18:15
Good point, even if you are biased.
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