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State Date Race Name Mike's Time Kristin's Time
Arizona 1/17/2010 Arizona Rock n Roll Half Marathon 1:50:59 1:51:43

Race Comments: We arrived fairly early for this race and were treated to seeing the marathoners start after a rousing National Anthem (the half and full have separate starting lines).  The official starter of the race was Senator John McCain, who delivered some great opening remarks and even fired the starting pistol.  The course is pretty fun running through a number of cities, although some parts of the race seemed a bit desolate.  Not a lot of crowd support, but plenty of water/cytomax (sports drink like gatorade) and good running weather.

Highlights: About 2 miles into the race we saw man running the half marathon with a 5 foot wood log on his shoulder!  He stayed to the side of the road but was keeping a very respectable pace.  Also, about 6 miles into the race we witnessed a female runner 'popping a squat' outside a convienence store - apparently that was a convenient place for her!

Kristin - Arizona Half Mike Arizona Half AZ Finish

Day 1 (Saturday):

Kokopelli Bistro and Wine Bar: Suprise, Arizona.  Good Italian food, and fun wine flights.  Unforuntately we have learned that the Kokopellis Bistro in Suprise has since closed :( but they do have another location in Chandler, Arizona.

Day 2 (Sunday):

We didn't really see a lot in downtown Phoenix as we were staying with family in Suprise, Arizona.  On our way to visit the Grand Canyon (which would end up being closed due to heavy snowfall) we stopped at Montezuma's Castle in Camp Verde, Arizona.  A unique experience to see a village carved into the side of a mountain.  Weather was a bit wet, but it was worth the detour on our way to Flagstaff.  It would have been nice to get a bit closer to the actual structure, but apparently the public is not permitted to climb in/around due to liability issues.  Also, some of the coolest looking "painted trees" all around the area.


Beaver Street Brewery: Flagstaff, Arizona. Great craft beer.  BBQ Chicken pizza was a delicious lunch option.  They also have glass growlers of their craft beer to go - but make sure the lid is on tight, we ended up with a wet floor mat as the growler opened mid-drive.

Beaver Street Brewery

Tip: If you drive on the highways in Arizona be careful of the un-manned speed trap cameras.  Similar to the red-light camera traps these cameras are set up along the highways (signs pointing out the cameras are placed about 100 yards in front of the camera, so if you are speeding you likely will not have time to slow down).  And if you are in a rental car, be aware that rental car companies will send you an invoice for any traffic violations including un-manned camera speeding tickets.

Arizona Half Marathon Medals

January 17, 2010: Rock n' Roll Arizona Half Marathon

Arizona Half Medal

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