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Wednesday, 24 November 2010 19:35

West Virginia Blog: 11-7-10 13.1 Miles - Ya Herd?

After two full weeks of recovery (it felt like an eternity of healing) we packed our bags and headed to Lexington, Kentucky – a short drive in our sweet electric blue rental car (I think it topped out at 55mph) to our final destination of Huntington, West Virginia – home of the Marshall University Herd. After a brief stop along the bourbon tour (how could we fly into Kentucky and not sample some bourbon) and a short spelunking stint in the hills of eastern Kentucky we found our way to the starting line of the Marshall University Half Marathon.  Billed as a “no frills” race we were pleasantly surprised to park within a block of the starting line and find port-a-potties with no lines 15 minutes before the start!!!  Chilly would be a kind word to describe the starting conditions of the race (~34 degrees), but the cool temperature got our bodies moving and despite missing a few water stations (we were a bit spoiled from running in large events and basically ran right past the first unmarked water stop) we had a great time and ran a great race.  The last 100 yards of the race were across the Marshall University football field where I carried a football and did my best Heisman pose at the 5-yard line.  As we crossed the finish line a look of disbelief ran across our faces – we had just completed the race in 1 hour and 49 minutes – a feat we had struggled with all year (to qualify for Corral D at the Chicago Marathon), but which seemingly came with ease when there was nothing on the line!

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